Thursday, September 25, 2014

Destruct-o- saurus

Simon had been on the path of destruction the past few days. Everything must come out of cupboards, out of baskets and bins and off of bookshelves. Our house has been a mess but he is sure having fun! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Simon is 13 months

Wow... I actually lost track of the dates this week and I'm a few days late for this post! I got so caught up in him turning one that I forgot he will just keep on getting bigger. Ha. 

What Simon is doing
  • Walks around furniture and has taken a few steps when he wasn't paying attention to it b
  • Modified scoot/crawl at lightning speed
  • Climbing on everything ... Couch, stools, chairs. It is a bit frightening. 
  • Throws stuff in the trash whenever the lock is not on 
  • Tries to get into the cleaning materials.... If the lock is off momentarily 
  • Claps when music is on or he is happy 
  • Gives great kisses 
  • Only wants to feed himself (what a messy process) and wants to eat whatever Joy is eating 
  • Has been using a straw for months 
  • Makes the cutest face and noise when food is hot "Wahhh" 

Teeth: holding pattern at 6 teeth 

Nursing: today was his first day of not nursing! He didn't seem to notice and willingly drank his milk instead. 

Solid food: Simon loves food and is a slow and steady eater with a hollow leg. He can eat and eat and still be as thin as can be. We tried peanut butter (no reaction) and he loves it.

Sleeps:  bedtime between 6:30/7 and wakes up between 4-5:45am. We don't get him up at 4 but he will cry off and on until we get him up for the day. We are exhausted and need to get him sleeping a little more in the morning. Letting him cry wakes up we feel a little overwhelmed.  

Naps: 9-10am and 1:15-2:30. 

Weighs: 18lbs

Likes: loves to empty containers, scoot aoud while pushing a toy, loves to be close to mom, loves to give dad kisses when he comes home from work, loves when joy us awake and playing with him, loves to burry his face in his green blanket , loves to eat, adventures and climbing on the park equipment (can go up the slide all the way)... Anything dangerous! 

Dislikes: when he is told no or when he doesn't get his way... Looks like he is determined just like his sister! He does not love it when joy gives him a body slam "hug"... I don't blame him! 

Favorite event this month: Figuring out that he can stand on the stool and "help" with dishes and good prep :) 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Around the neighborhood

A few more pictures from last week around our neighborhood.

Joy and Simon love to visit dad at work.... they love to hide in the music lockers. Joy calls it her "little cage"...ha
Joy nursing her baby doll
The local park...Joy wants to go all the time...but the adults just can't handle the heat all the time!

Tai Mo shan...our escape from the heat since it is at such high elevation. The kids love it!

Joy's friend (Abigail) birthday party


Brad was suppose to spend two nights at High school camp....but in came a typhoon. He got to sleep at home and even got a few hours in the morning to stay home. I was very glad because Simon started a high fever at the same time, so it was nice to have Brad around. The wind and rain were fun to watch. I never got snow days as a kid, so it is fun to have typhoon days as an adult. Now we are back to sunny, humid, hot days....we eagerly look forward to some cooler weather!

Snuggling sick little Simon...who has started giving the most adorably sweet kisses, they melt your heart.
After laying on me and moaning, he fell asleep while I was reading Joy a story.
Joy loves to play any game that involves her blankets. She loves to lay in her tunnel, under her table or on the hard cold tile..... and bring in lots of blankets. Also games that she loves ; picnic and doctor...they also involve blankets :-)

When sister is standing on a stool "helping" me with dinner or dishes, brother has to be right there too. I need deeper  counters....because he has quite the reach. With two eager and little is hard to get a lot done (like washing breakable stuff or cutting anything with a knife!).....but it is hard to say no because one day I want them to help me. So everything just takes twice as long :-)

Joy's favorite bear...who she misplaced and we "lost" him for a few hours. I was panicked! He also has a whole in the seam.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Every hour

I was inspired by a blog I read to take a picture every hour to document what I do all day. With two little kids every hour that they are awake is VERY it has taken me all week to get enough pictures of every hour of the day. It is not that I lack enough to do to fill each is that I am so busy I generally forget to take a picture (and I am really bad at taking pictures!). My day can seem to be overwhelmingly full of cleaning up messes, diapers and temper tantrums (for Joy, Simon and me) but it is also full of many blessings that come in the form of cuddles, kisses, stories , picnics and sleepovers :)

5/5:45 am -(Depending on when Simon is up for the day): Nursing Simon (he is almost weaned!) Joy is up between 6/6:30 depending on how noisy Simon has been 
 7 am -breakfast... Cleaning up spilled milk 

8am -Joy playing 
Simon crying while I do dishes 
 9 am -reading to Joy while Simon naps (she also gets to watch a tv show while I take a quick shower)

 10am -Simon is awake and we go on a morning outing ( today was ikea)

11am -playing at ikea

Noon- lunch!

1pm -nap time for both kids... Mom gets to relax a bit ! Listening to an online sermon ( I missed the sermon because Joy wouldn't stay in Sunday school without me) 

2pm- Simon is awake. The goal is to try and keep him from knocking on Joy's bedroom door and walking her up! 

2:30/3 -Joy is awake. Playing picnic 

3 pm -living room turns into toy chaos. Keeping it real folks with real pictures of my house :) 

4 pm -daddy is home and playing Joy's favorite game (sleepover :)

5 pm -dinner and a family walk 

6 pm -nightly story reading  after bath time 

7 pm -bedtime for the kids

8 pm - Brad and I enjoy a little tv and Rudy is finally happy that the pack is as it should be... Minus the two hairless puppies that hound him all day long :)

9 pm- goodnight Hong Kong. We are tired! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

August has come and gone....with lots of sweating here in Hong Kong. September is here and we are still sweating :-) Our adventures have mainly involved staying indoors or playing at various kiddie pools, although every now and again
we try and venture outdoors for a walk or the park and are bathed in sweat. Come on October and your cooler weather!