Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 months (June 16)

I'm getting this post out early because we will have just arrived in the US when Simon is 10 months and blogging will be the last thing on my mind. 

What Simon is doing
  • Can  do the butt scoot. He can do forward motion on his tummy too but much prefers his seated scoot and boy can he move. His main objective is to get into the dog food/water and bathroom trash. 
  • loves to unpack the kitchen cupboards and is entertained for a long time with this process. 
  • Generally loves to make a mess and make loud noises 
  • Plays on his own and is able to entertain himself (something his sister still can't do for very long)
  • Gives smiles to anyone who will look at him. 

Teeth: 2 bottom teeth (maybe working on a top tooth but not sure).  

Nursing: Nurses every 3 hours. Still super fast (but is liking it much more than when he was young). Favorite place to nurse is the ergo or sitting like a kola
Solid food: Simon loves to eat solid food, he prefers to feed himself and is a very adventurous eater. He can pretty much eat anything we have for dinner (just cut up really small) which is great. He is a HUGE eater and can eat almost as much as Joy.
  • Loves: pumpkin, green beans, rice, oatmeal, rice, plain yogurt, pears, apples, whole egg, avocado, potato, zucchini, lentils, chicken, pork, meat balls, bread, 10 grain oatmeal, broccoli, pasta, blueberries, mac&cheese (homemade), pancakes, waffles, french toast....the list goes on and on 
  • Verdict is still out on: broccoli 
  • Introducing this week: since we are traveling, probably nothing new
  • Need to try again: whole eggs give him loose poop, so I'm watching that

Sleeps: After so much hard work on our part Simon is now sleeping from 6:30-5:30. He cries out a few times in the night but only about 30 seconds. When he is sick he wakes up a LOT (which he was super sick last week with a fever/cold and was up again). We can't get him past the 5:30 time and he wakes up Joy (which isn't good for anyone) if he cries for too long. Summer break and jet lag are just around the corner so we will "deal with" the 5:30 mornings in a while.

Naps: He is taking 2 naps. 8:50-10am and 12:50-2. He still fusses a bit going down for his naps but I;m a happy mamma with how much progress we have made on naps. 

Weighs: probably still weights 16 pounds. 

Likes: loves Rudy, loves Joy (even though she has been a little rough with him recently), teething biscuits, loves the swings, loves splashing at bath time, sitting, playing with the wheels of Joy's stroller, watching Rudy fetch balls, green blankie, riding in the stroller or ergo, being out and about

Dislikes:being sick....don't we all! When Joy squeezes him too tightly, when we shut the door to the bathroom (when he is on his way to get the dog food).

Favorite event this month: Going on his second plane ride, but first time to Oregon to meet all his family and mommy and daddy's friends.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The past two weeks

We have all had a terrible cold. It started with Joy and slowly everyone was infected. We are mostly healthy two weeks later (Simon just started the cold two days ago so hopefully he is better before we fly).

We all went to the doctor, which is always an experience here in Hong Kong. The doctors LOVE to give tons of medicine. Below is a picture of the medication given to me and Joy. I was given 6 prescriptions, five of which Brad discovered I couldn't take while breastfeeding (something I mentioned to the doctor!).
So the past two weeks we have been staying home....watching a lot of Franklin and Friends (Joy's favorite TV show)

We tried Benadryl  (so we can use it on the plane if necessary) on Joy to see if she would get sleepy and she did! 
How the kids entertained themselves: 
Lots of showers

Simon practicing his crazy butt scoot  (he can move so fast!)

Simon unpacking the cupboards, his favorite past time

Brad and I celebrated out 9th anniversary. We were too sick to go out on a date so the kids. However the kids were stir crazy and entertaining them at home was getting hard so I went and got my favorite pizza and then Brad and I ate it after the kids went to bed......not the most romantic but we will get lots of dates during summer vacation.

We did manage to go out on a date for my birthday which was REALy fun.  Then had cupcakes at home the next day on my actual birthday. Joy kept saying I had to "blow the candles up" :)