Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin carving

It is great to live in a country that has cheap pumpkins. We bought one to carve and the kids (and the grown ups) had a fantastic time. 
The kids LOVED taking out the "guts." Joy loved the pumpkin because it is orange (her favorite color) and she loved picking out the design with daddy. As Brad was carving the mouth Joy asked him if he was a "pumpkin dentist". Once we put the candle inside Simon thought it was someone's birthday and wanted to sing "Happy birthday". HA 

October break

October break has been really fun. We all needed a break from work/school/school routine. The first few days of break everyone was very sleepy (especially Joy!). We decided to take a 3 day road trip to Latvia (with a quick drive into Lithuania, so a certain male person in our household could achieve 51 countries). We had a very fun time (although the kids were a bit sleep deprived after a few days of only car naps) exploring Riga. The kids did ok in the car and we even brought Rudy. I say "OK" because Joy did great (she can watch cartoons for an eternity) but Simon moaned "out" every 5 minutes :-) 

We spent a day at a fairy tale forest about an hour outside Riga. We had a great time walking through the quiet fall forest. There were amazing little houses that the kids could play in. All the signs were in Latvian, so the first 20 minutes we wandered around not finding anything with Joy refusing to talk in her new boots. Then we found the houses and wooden creatures and everyone's mood drastically improved.
We explored the old town of Riga. There were beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and a beautiful park with a river running through it. 
The picture below sums up our trip. Joy refused to walk most of the days but Simon walked like a little champ. 

Everyone was tired on the way home!

On Saturday (once we were back in Tallinn) we went to the Open Air museum to enjoy the beautiful weather fall weather.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Last week of September preschool

Joy is still enjoying school. Although she was getting a cold so she felt a bit tired. She stayed home on Friday with a cold. She had a fun week playing outside, glueing leaves and learning to use the scissors (then got a pair of her own from Grammie's September care package)