Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas party

Mom's group had a Christmas Party. One of the leaders hosted in her house, which is very kind considering we all live in tiny houses and hers would be filled with many little people, snacks and crafts. We had a craft, read a story, sang a song and ate some yummy food.

 Joy didn't want to be in the we compromised, she stood behind me
 Trying to read a Christmas story, while Simon used me as jungle gym. 
 Making an ornament for the tree
 playing "pass the snowball"

And of course eating!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simon is 16 months

What Simon is doing
  • Simon is an active little guy. During this baking season he has learned to "enjoy" sitting in his high chair while I do things that are time sensitive (stir almond roca) since he is always trying to do the most dangerous thing. 
  • He loves standing on things; the couch, the stool, boxes, baskets, chairs. He knows he isn't allowed to do it...
  • likes to play independently 
  • can use a fork and spoon 

What Simon is saying 
Simon understand so much of what we say to him and about him.

*ga: garbage  

*ck : means trash can or yuck
*ma ma: Mamma and MORE food
*da da: dog and daddy
* ba ba: bye bye followed by standing by the door and saying ba ba until we leave. He actually starts to bay ba ba as soon as I put pants on him after his nap because he knows we usually go out.

*naa: NO which he says so EMPHATICALLY. 

Teeth: 9 teeth..  This past month he got three molars (the fourth is on its way) and one more bottom tooth (the other is on its way too). It has been a painful (not great sleeping) month. 


Solid food: Simon is a good eater but is super slow. He will only feed himself...which is very messy. He can use a fork and spoon for the first part of a meal and then abandons it. He pretty much can start eating dinner at 5 and still be eating off and on until 6:30pm. 
  • Loves: most all food. Especially bread, rice, veggies, fruit. Pizza (he is my son)
  • Verdict is still out on: will eat eggs now (but not with spinach in them like Joy does) but won't eat beans still....He also goes back and forth with chicken. Then the other day he ate two big meatballs with dinner.

Sleeps:   He wakes up at 5:30 or 6 (some days even 6:30am). The shift to one nap I think has helped his wake up times. With teething though (and sickness this month) he has had some bad nights. His sleeping patterns have shown me that not all babies are created equal in the sleeping department. 

For the last month he has been taking one nap at 12:15. It has been a bumpy ride. He usually sleeps until 1:30  but probably three times a week he sleeps until 2:30+ (today is one of those days). I leave him in bed until he reaches the 1 hour 30 minute mark if he wakes earlier. 

Weighs: 20.5 + Lbs


- Destroying whatever Joy is doing...

-Trash cans: points to and tells me about everyone we pass.

- Pushing around Joy's stroller: with his blankie in it. 

-The balcony; watching dogs people and construction (there has been plenty to watch outside)

-Being outside (playgrounds, walks, the roof) : Now that the weather is nicer we are going to the roof more. He would happily play there all day.

-Taking out the dog with daddy: Sometimes I think he wakes up super early just so he won't miss taking out the dog at 6am. 

-Shoes! He loves trying on daddy's shoe

- Books: Simon's interest is growing in books. He still loves lift/flap books and touch and feel books the best.

Dislikes: we can tell that Simon really wants to communicate and it is frustrating with him when we can't understand what he wants. He still wants mommy the most. Brad sings Simon this song whenever he screams because I'm too far away 

Favorite event this month: Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Ruthie come VERY SOON!! We are super excited. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Santa...

Brad and I will laugh for years to come about Joy's first picture with Santa. Maybe we waited too long as she is almost 3 years old. But the hysterical crying, flailing and the huge scene she made has made us laugh more than we've laughed in a long time. The whole mall was staring. At least we gave Santa some entertainment in his boring job.  Simon was cool as a cucumber. When Joy has decided she doesn't want to do something there is no amount of convincing / bribing I can do to get her to do it. 

While Joy doesn't like Santa she does love Christmas cookies. She had a great time at our annual cookie decorating/ exchange party. Simon went to visit Daddy at work while mommy and joy did the cookie thing. Next year he can join the sugar rush! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas craft

My friend Joanna is an early childhood teacher who is great with crafts and messy toddlers. Neither is really my forte so it is good we are friends :) 

We did a cute little snowman and baby Jesus craft. Not many pictures taken during because toddlers and babies and crafts need a lot of hands on deck !