Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Christmas break has come and gone. We had a very fun time exploring Estonia, Helsinki and Stockholm during the break (the kids loved riding on the ferry and even spending the night on one). Snow came during Christmas break! It has been very fun and very new experience for three of the Christensens.

Old Town Christmas market in the snow 

After two weeks of snow and VERY cold weather we are getting used to all the clothing we have to put on (and exiting the house quickly before Joy and mommy freak out because they are getting too hot). Being on vacation in the snow is much more fun that regular life in the snow. Getting anywhere with kids takes a long time and all they want to do is play in it instead of walking or riding in the sled.  Brad and I are getting a work out pulling the sled all over creation. Simon loves to drag his hands in the dirty snow. Both kids are loving making snow angles, burring themselves in the deep drifts and kicking the soft fluffy stuff. It has been truly magical!

Joy playing in the snow during morning break 

Simon playing in the snow after we drop Joy off at school  

Walking on the frozen sea in Pärnu

Walk through the park