Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Do you want to be eaten?"

Joy loves stories. She loves us reading her stories, us telling her made up stories (or secrets as she calls them) and she likes to make up her own. Here is she looking at an animal themed coloring book and making a story up as she goes along. She keeps asking each animal "do you want to be eaten?" Love this little girl with a big imagination

Little giggle

We have been trying to take more videos of Simon which is hard when he is always on the move and doesn't talk a ton. Here is a really cute one from this afternoon 

Kadoorie farms

It was a beautiful breezy morning for an outing to kadoorie farms. Joy's friend Abigail wanted the girls to be little mice and Joanna brought face paint and ears to complete the morning. Joy wouldn't wear the ears but she did wear her backpack that she insisted on bringing. What a fun morning. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

19 months

What Simon is doing
  • Is full of life and general mischief . Simon is into everything.  My mother describes me as that way :-) 
  • Great problem solving skills and fine motor skills (can get open three varieties of baby locks on our cupboards) 
  • He climbs everything and then jumps off. If I hide the stools he drags the chairs and climbs up so he can access the counter. His forehead always has a goose egg on it.
  • Sits through quite a few books and even has favorite books. This is amazing since we couldn't get through a simple board book at Christmas. It is nice to get to cuddle him during the day since he is always wiggling and trying to climb us when he is being held. 
  •  Wants to do everything that Joy does, even if it is too hard for him to do which causes lots of frustration. 
  • Exerts his will and is very upset if he doesn't get his way. The tantrums have started, although he is not as committed to them as Joy was at his age :) 
What Simon is saying 
Simon has been increasing his pantomime routine and has learned one new word this month... Out
1. No
2. Yeah
3. ga ga: gross/garbage
4. baba: dog
5. dat: that
6. amm: food
7. mm mm: milk
8. Mama
9. da da
10. hi
11. bye
12. baabaa (and makes blowing motion): bubbles (which means he wants a straw)
13: nana: banana
14. Ot= out 
* can also say up but he isn't consistent on what it means 

Teeth: 13 teeth (one i tooth popped through and we are working on three more). These I teeth have caused so much sleeping trouble and General Crabbiness. I can't wait for teething to be over 


Solid food: Simon is a slow eater and if we try to make him eat a bite of something he doesn't want to he causes himself to vomit. So we now just leave him be. 
  • Loves: most all food. Especially bread, rice, veggies, fruit. Pizza (he is my son), yogurt, cheese, he adores keifer smoothies. Will eat beef over chicken any day. 
  • Verdict is still out on:  beans, chicken
Night time:  6:30-5:30/6am. If he is teething then he can be up as early as 5am (or even start crying off and on at 4am). Simon is not the greatest sleeper and has tons of energy when he is awake. After 19 months of this Brad and I are feeling tired.

Naps: He is at one nap and will sleep for 1 hour on bad days and 2 hours on good days. Most days are at 1.5 hours but we had a lot of only 1 hour nap days, which makes for a tired mamma. Joy still sleeps longer than him in the morning and longer than him (1 hour or 1.5 hours more) at nap time. I'm thankful I have one good sleeper. We were hoping with the move after summer to have them sleep in the same room. However, if he is still sleeping so much less than her we won't be doing that.

Weighs: 21.4 lbs

-  Going on bike rides with daddy. It is the only time (other than sleeping) that he is calm, quiet and still. 


-Being outside:  He stands at the balcony door saying "out" 

-Reading: His favorite book is "and then it's spring"
Image result for then it was spring

-playing house, doctor and baby dolls with Joy

-Taking out the dog with daddy and feeding the dog

-Playing with kitchens and watching mommy cook (having two "helpers" can be very difficult...but I would like to involve him and Joy as much as possible because my mom did such a good job involving us in cooking!)

- loves splashing in all water..mainly the shower and any puddles we encounter. 

Dislikes: when Joy is asleep and he is awake or when he is being reprimanded. He has had to have a few time outs recently due to standing on the couch and trying to jump off. 

Favorite event this month: Low pollution and nice weather= lots of bike rides with daddy which make so one very happy boy. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

St Patrick's day

Somehow it worked out that we had two st Patrick's day parties back to back. It was hard to find two green outfits for each of us but we figured it out. We had so much fun. Thanks Jinean and moms group (no pics from moms group yet). Needless to say joy loves skittles :)