Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute little family

Joy got a couple new onsies from my friend Kalina so I thought we should take an impromptu family picture.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 months and counting

It feels like only yesterday I was blogging about being five months pregnant and now little Joy is five months old. It has been extremely hard to blog this summer but im trying to write/ publish a post on brads iPhone. I wanted to get Joys 5month post complete before we head back to hong kong ( I promise to be a better blogger then:)

What is Joy doing: Joy is rolling over both ways now and loves to "talk". She smiles s
o much and is such a happy baby. She is grabbing toys and lives sucking on soft toys. She chews on her hands constantly so maybe some teeth are in there.

Eats: I finally got Joy to eat stretch her feeding to every 3-4 hours. I think we will try solids once we are back in HK. For the past month she really has mastered nursing quickly which is great!

Sleeps: Jet lag has messed up Joy's sleeping a bit. She sleeps through the night but wants to eat. We have been all over creation this summer so her schedule is all off. She is still taking 3-4 naps a day and sleeping about 10 hrs at night. I need to break her of middle of the night feeds when we get back home.

Weighs: Joy went to the health department for her four month shots ( which were traumatic for all of us and she cried for 30 min once we got home) and she weighted 13 lbs 11oz

Likes: Joy loves to sleep with a little bear blanket OVER her face...I have checked she can still breathe but it looks kind of scary. Joy loves the bath and kicks/ splashes lot. She stil loves the paci. The stroller is becoming more agreeable but stil not her favorite. She likes being tickled under her neck and squeals with delight when it happens. She went in the pool for the first time when we were in ca and had a good time until she got cold.

Dislikes: Joy had her first cold and dislikes getting nasal spray up her nose ( but who really does ). She also hated being in her car seat for 12 hours on our drive from Oregon to California. But even though she fussed she never screamed. We are really blessed with a great baby who is easily soothed.

Favorite event: Joy has loved meeting all of our families and friends here in north America. Joy went to her first wedding ( pic of brad with the funny bow tie). Joy walked around our university which is where her aunt ruthie is studying. She has been a hit wherever she goes Joy has now been to Hong Kong, England, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Joy we love you and can't wait to keep discoveringore about who God made you to be. You are our perfect baby and we wouldn't change any part of you. We love your sunshine eyes and how you really do bring smiles and joy to all who interact with you. We pray that the joy of the Lord will always give you strength. Love mommy and daddy