Monday, June 24, 2013

Shatin Heritage Museum

A museum close to our house has a new indoor and outdoor interactive display for kids. Despite the pouring rain (thankfully I was able to drive since Brad is now home all summer...yippee) we had a GREAT time. Joy, Elena, Abigail and Christian had the place to themselves until a field trip showed up. This time of year we need all the indoor activities we can find. It is great that Joy is now walking! We then went out to a yummy lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

16 months and walking

As I reflect on the last month, it is funny the things that I was worried about. I was worried that Joy wasn't really saying many words or walking....those two things EXPLODED this month. Note to self: worry less :-)  We love you Joy and are constantly amazed at how much more we love you with each passing day. You are a busy girl and get into all kinds of mischief, but your cuteness saves you! You love people and make even the grumpiest person smile. You love nature and always say "wow" when we pass the ocean. Daddy can't wait to take you scuba diving one day. We are amazed that even at such a young age God has already given you passions, things you love and things you excel at.

What Joy is doing 
  • Joy can is true. I thought the day would never come. One week she started standing more, took a few steps here and there and then all of a sudden when we were at Ikea playing with friends she started walking! She rarely crawls anymore and is very determined to get back up on her own when she falls over. Brad wanted her to walk before our Malaysia trip and she did! Good job making daddy's deadline and mommy's deadline (which was for her to walk before baby brother is born). 
  • She is very chatty and has starting her screeching phase again. 
  • Total teeth: 8
  • Kicking her leg in the pool (with all this hot weather we are at the pool a lot!)
  • Blowing bubbles in the bath
What Joy is saying: She has almost tripled the words she can say in ONE month...It is so fun to see her pick up new words (many words are just from the last two weeks) 
  • daddy
  • ma ma 
  • daaddy (Rudy)..sounds almost like daddy so only really recognizable in context) yes 
  • up
  • baby
  • da da (dog) 
  • yes 
  • no, no no (when she is doing something naughty)
  • up 
  • doo (down)
  • fish
  • more
  • amen
  • muk (milk)
  • uk (yuck)
  • walla (water)
  • wow
  • cook (cookie)
  • rice 
  • baabaa (baby and bird..a little confusing sometimes) 
  • aloo (hello) 
  • yalla (Arabic for "lets go") 
  • shh (when there is someone sleeping or when Rudy is barking) 
  • Sign language "please"
  • Animal noises: lion, elephant, monkey dog, dinosaur, bear, chicken 
*Beware the video is almost 2 min...but there is a lot of cuteness in those 2 minutes :-)
 Eats: Well Joy eats all day and eats more food than an adult some days. It is really shocking. She is a great eater and will always try new food.
  • Loves: She likes her food to be room temperature or cold. She wants to eat as soon as she wakes up.  
  • Dairy Free: She had some dairy when Aunt Ruthie was here...and it went pretty terribly, so we are off dairy for a while. Almond milk is her drink of choice and is doing great drinking it. We have been trying to put some more fat into her diet (since almond milk has such little fat), so her smoothies have olive oil, cashews and sometimes avocado (which she loves but gives her terrible diaper rash if she eats it too many days in a row). 
  • Still gives us trouble: Sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado (all give her diaper rash)
Sleeps:Joy is upgrading to a 'real' crib and baby brother will get the PackN'Play. We will see how the adjustment goes as she is used to mesh sides and likes to sleep with her head against the mesh.
  •  Night time: 7pm-7am
  • Naps: One afternoon nap (2 hours)
Weighs:About 23 lbs


*The park, especially the swing and the slide
* Wearing her hat, or anything really on her head or around her neck.
* Any book with animals in it.
* Reading her favorite books over and over and over again. Before the book will even be over she will say "more, more".
*Going to bed/taking naps
*Walking around with things covering her eyes....VERY dangerous. We have a dare devil on our hands!
* holding things by her hear and saying "aloo"
Is learning.....
* to be gentle, instead of showing affection through hitting or biting.
Dislikes: Joy dislikes spending too much time at home and loves to go "bye bye".
Favorite event:  Our family vacation to Malaysia! We had so much fun, a blog post to follow with pictures. Joy had a couple firsts this past month: Disney Land and going to the beach...of course she ate sand and drank sea water...and liked it...:-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Surprise baby shower

My friend Joanna surprised me and threw a fun baby shower and fancy high tea today. Friends were there, Brad too Joy and the food was amazing. What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Thanks friends :) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Play-Doh Fun

My friend Joanna watched Joy for me while I was at my 30 week Dr appointment. Joanna is more adventurous than I am when watching two girls and busted out the window crayons and the play doh. As you can clearly see from the video squishing play doh and throwing it really tickled her funny bone.

I made some play doh at home....and she just tried to either eat it or throw it on the ground so Rudy could eat it (he knew better). 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My birthday

Today I'm 31 years old and feel very blessed! Im thankful for my health and this new little miracle growing inside me, Joy, Brad, my friends in Hk and the US and my great family. 
Brad did a great job at making me feel special and knew all the things to do for this pregnant lady : no public transportation, pedicure, no cooking, nap, fed Joy all her meals, carried and played with Joy all day. What a great guy :) Joy even gave me a great present a three hour nap. I tell you it is the little things in life that I have become more thankful for as I get older. 

It is fun to think that at my next birthday we will be a family of four. 

Joy and I at the Flying pan having a great breakfast :)
At 7.5 months pregnant a pedicure is becoming a must! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8 years and counting

8 years ago when I stood at the alter at Newberg friends church I didn't realize the amazing adventure I would be entering with Brad. We thought we knew each other so well and had our lives all "figured out". We have traveled to many countries, lived in five homes in three countries, have two graduate degrees and two kids (Joy and little brother coming soon), one little dog and own furniture in a house we rent and own a home we have never spent the night in. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Although I anticipate the next few years being a but wild with two kids under two I'm glad we are doing it together. God showed me my better half when I married Brad.  Can't wait to see what the next 8 years hold. 
A picture from our wedding day and our honeymoon :)

The beach

Officially Joy's first trip to the beach was when she was 2weeks old. We went and had lunch at Stanley on the beach with grandma. However, today was the first time she played in the sand and went into the ocean. She was a bit hesitant at first but quickly discovered that sand tastes delicious and so does saltwater! It was a hot day so cooling-off was nice. What a fun day. Showers and ac do feel good though after a sandy hot day!
After a full morning in the sand...Joy was a very tired girl!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Miracle fruit

Brad just harvested his first miracle fruit berries of the season. This is fantastic little berry  when chewed up and rolled around on your tongue change your taste buds for about an hour. If you eat  anything sour it tastes incredibly sweet. After lunch we ate a plate of grapefruit,lemons, tart strawberries and plain yogurt. Brady's favorite was the sweet tasting grapefruit and my favorite was the lemon. What a healthy way to eat lots of vitamin C without any extra sugar.